Vanilla Wear is an Egyptian lingerie, sleepwear, and undergarments retailer. Founded in 2008 by Anas Jazairy and headquartered in Nasr City, Cairo, and started to provide high-quality undergarments for Women and Kids. In 2013, Vanilla's first store opened In Nozha, Cairo, hosting its first customers and potential distributors in the fashion retail industry and was integrated with 4 warehouses. Since 2013, Vanilla Wear rapidly expanded into shopping malls, growing the company into 17 stores all over Egypt.

Today, Vanilla Wear is a globally recognized brand name known for incomparable quality, most durable fabrics, and long-lasting garments sewn with innovative techniques. Each line has a distinct identity and position in the retail landscape, providing us the opportunity to market our products to domestic and international consumers all over the world.